Technology Commercialization Unit


OzU TTO Technology Commercialization Unit is responsible for business development activities which aim to transfer academic research outputs through the benefit of society and economic value.

Main Services:

         Developing and applying marketing and commercialization strategies for academic researchers’ portfolio which includes intellectual property rights like patent, utility model

         Managing potential investor relationships, the processes of negotiation and bidding for commercialization activities like licensing or assigning of intellectual property rights

         Improving and managing relationship with potential customers, institutions and organizations those are key players in innovation ecosystem

         Arranging collaboration activities to widen domestic and international network of OzU TTO and to increase capacity of university and awareness

         Representing OzU TTO to domestic and international companies, investors, state institutions and organizations and other universities

         Transferring all capabilities of OzU to external stakeholders and needs of them to academicians

         Reporting all outputs of commercialization and business development activities

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