Bionic and Hybrid Prosthetic Hand Embodiment

Applications: Hybrid Artificial Organs

Problem: Currently, as a result of the researches conducted on the prosthesis users, it is found out that the factors relating to the performance of a prosthetic hand are the functionality, interaction with the surrounding, low weight, high speed of grabbing and power, being noise-free or minimum level of noise and visuality. The ideal prosthetic hands need to meet these criteria. In order to provide the “grabbing” function in the active prosthetic hand embodiments available in the state of the art, various kinds of direct current motor are used on the part which moves the fingers. The functionality and the grabbing power in the systems that are moved by means of direct current motor are high. However, the system works in a noisy way, and it poses a disadvantage compared to a normal human being hand in terms of natural view of a hand and its weight.

Technology: The object of the present invention is to provide a high grabbing speed and power by using DC motor in the first three fingers as they are more actively used than the other two fingers (ring and little fingers). A further object of the present invention is to provide light and noise-free working by using Shape Memory Alloys(SMA) actuator in the ring and little fingers which move less compared to the first three fingers. The present invention relates to a bionic hybrid prosthetic hand embodiment comprising phalanges springs providing the fingers to return back following the grabbing; so as to provide a hybrid embodiment by using the shape memory alloy (SMA) and DC motors at the same time.

Advantages: The hybrid hand according to the present invention has been developed so that it can fulfill the daily-life activities and be used in a lighter and more effective manner. the present invention is to provide low weight, natural view, noise-free working and low energy-consumption which are necessary for a prosthetic hand performance by making use of SMA.

Keywords: Prosthetic Hand, Hyrid Hand, Shape Memory Alloys(SMA)

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