A Lightening System that Adjusts Lighting Duration and Density

Applications: Lighting

Problem: Current technology provides automatic lighting systems that recognize one’s movement. However, in these systems lighting sensors are programmed to remain open for a determined period of time, and it switches off itself even if the person is still present and needs light. Sometimes, sensors are programmed to remain for a long time to prevent this problem; however it causes decrease in energy efficiency. There are different types of sensitive sensors such as single or multi color infrared camera systems, laser scanning systems, or ultrasonic systems. Nevertheless, all of these systems have drawbacks as high cots, technical difficulties or sizeableness.

Technology: The invention is comprised of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor, which is the most suitable system for automatic lighting. The PIR sensor array not only detects the movements, but also perceives the presence of a person.


  • To provide energy efficiency
  • Easy integration to the LED light bulbs due to the small size of the sensor
  • Low-cost

Keywords: Infrared Sensors, Light Sensors, Automatic Lighting

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