The Method Of Processing Multidimensional Objects Using Chemical And Mechanical Polishing Method And Configuration Of Robotic Arm Employed In Realizing This Method


Resistances of washing machine, dishwasher, teapot, central heating boiler, industrial boiler etc.


In the machines, which are sub served for heating liquids, resistances are used as a heating element. Those resistances operate in direct contact with the liquids. In general, the roughness of resistances’ surfaces is formless. As a result, lime-scale is built up over time in an uncontrolled manner. Additionally, current technology could be applied to only 2-dimensional plates.


The present invention provides a process that develops nanostructures by using CMP technique on the multidimensional and formless objects such as resistances. With the aid of CMP, roughness of the metal material will be adjusted by processing its surface chemically and mechanically.  Moreover, in the robotic arm configuration, which is the subject of the invention, has industrial serial kinematics configuration with 6 degrees of freedom.  This industrial robot arm ensures access to any point from any angle in 3 dimensional spaces.


  • To prevent lime-scale buildup of metal surfaces,
  • To eliminate using additional material (generally chemical) to prevent lime-scale buildup,
  • To ensure to access any point of a multidimensional object due to the robotic arm.

Keywords: Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), Metal Surfaces, Lime-Scale Inhibitor, Robotic Arm With Serial Kinematics Configuration

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