Özyeğin University (ÖzÜ) ranks among the nation’s leading research universities, a place where outstanding faculty, staff, and students come together to further the pursuit of scientific understanding and innovation.

 In 2012 and 2013, ÖzÜ ranked in the top 10 universities based on the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Index” published by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. This success led us to get the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) support of 10 million for 10 years from TÜBİTAK and is a tremendous affirmation that our efforts to build an “entrepreneurial research university” are succeeding.

ÖzÜ Technology Transfer Office’s mission is to encourage that innovation, enhance sponsored research and facilitate economic development through the effective management and transfer of ÖzÜ technologies and intellectual property. Our focus is to ensure the results of the outstanding research at ÖzÜ are successfully transferred outside the University to drive national economic growth and benefit the general public.

ÖzÜ TTO is responsible for all pre- award operations pertaining to all sponsored research activities, i.e., grants and contracts. TTO is also responsible for managing the intellectual property (IP) assets of ÖzÜ. TTO receives invention disclosures from faculty and evaluates these disclosures for their commercial possibilities, and license them to industry. As a result of these activities, TTO helps to transfer research outputs to the benefits of the society and therefore, it manages the “innovation process” of the University.