The Method Of Processing Dental Implants Using Chemical And Mechanical Nano Texturing Method And Configuration Of Robotic Arm Employed In Realizing This Method


The present invention comprises of Chemical Mechanical Polishing processed dental implants with enhanced bio-functionality and their processing through robotics controlled system.


Although titanium implants are applied with a high success today, bone-to-implant connection problems occurring in some patients in the early period (fibrous non-union and infection) may lead to loss of the implant. Another important issue of implantology is the long waiting period for the bone-implant connection after the surgery. In addition, titanium implants do not have periodontal tissues like teeth, so they have low resistance against external influences in the mouth. Eliminating these inefficiencies is the basis of research for titanium-based implants in recent years. In order to provide optimum and long-term resistant bone-implant connection, the main goal is to create the appropriate surface. While provoking the rapid migration of bone cells and production of extracellular matrix, the production of bio-surface that performs pathogen leak-proof interconnection with bone and soft tissue is required in long-term.


The present invention comprises of development of a new generation dental bio-implant via CMP process, which helps surface modification through formation of protective oxide layers while spontaneously inducing surface nano-structuring. In addition the process is brought up to a 3-D polishing ability by means of robotic aided control system.


  • Ability of engineered bio-implant surface generation through spontaneous nano-structuring and self-protective surface layer ability
  • High potential of controlled bio-activity tunable for promoted/demoted cell attachment
  • High Volume manufacturability with low price through advanced robotics controlled 3-D CMP process development

Keywords: Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), Bio-implantstitanium, bio-compatibility

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