The Method Of Processing Wide and Curved Surfaces Using Chemical And Mechanical Polishing Method And Configuration Of Robotic Arm Employed In Realizing This Method


Automotive and airplane industry.


During the paint renewal process, plastic, glass, fiberglass materials are covered to protect from the paint remover chemicals and then the surface is sandpapered to remove the paint. In current technology, this process is being handled manually and therefore it necessitates time and manpower.


This technology, by using CMP process, offers to minimize deterioration of the surface due to the environmental factors and improve paint adhesion capacity by forming self-protective nano films and nano texturing on the aluminum surface, simultaneously prior to painting or paint renewal. Robotic arm configuration, which is the subject of the invention, is used for processing surfaces, which are large and curved by processing chemical and mechanical polishing method.


  • To minimize deterioration of the surface due to environmental factors,
  • To improve paint adhesion capacity,
  • To extend the paint lifespan of the material by using a similar approach during repair of painted surfaces,
  • To develop robotic systems for ensuring fast and effective application of the suggested process.

Keywords: Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), Paint Adhesion, Large And Curved Surfaces

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