Preferred Optothermal LED Lighting Embodiment for High Lumen Extraction and Extended Lifetime

Applications: Lighting, LEDs


The general aim of all of LED light cooling methods is to prevent the problems that are likely to occur due to the high heat formed during operation. However, such cooling methods are not sufficient in case of using lamps with high power and light intensity; therefore, more efficient methods are needed.


The cooling technique disclosed in this patent is the only and most efficient solution for solving the problem of hot spots formed both in the chips of LED systems where a plurality of LED chips are used, and in the phosphor used for changing color in LEDs. With this technique, ideas on heat rejection have been developed. Thanks to the cooling system according to the invention, the heat will be taken from the chip and phosphor, and will be made to reach to the heatsink (i.e. heat rejecting block), with the effect of naturally formed termosyphone or forced convection (by means of a pump). Moreover, other electronic and control sensors provided on the system called light engine will thus be cooled down, as well. More light extraction and extending lifetime of the light source are anticipated as double-effect output.


  • To cool down LED lamps in an efficient manner
  • To increase the durability and the amount of light to be obtained from LED lamps
  • To reduce the weight of lamp
  • To reduce quantum efficiency (light intensity)
  • To reduce the thermal resistance between the chip and heatsink to a great extent
  • Low in cost when compared to the active cooling methods

Keywords: LED Lighting, LED Thermal Management, Immersion Cooling Of Leds, LED Light Extraction

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