Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Awards


Eczacıbaşı Group continues its long-held tradition of “contribution to science, awards for achievements” started by the Group’s founder Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı in 1959 to contribute to the advancement of medical and pharmaceutical sciences through “Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Medical Awards”.  Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Medical Awards are presented every two years. To date, 34 Medical Science Awards, 43 Medical Incentive Awards, and 17 Medical Students Project Awards have been conferred, and 178 research projects have been brought to a successful completion through the Medical Research Awards.


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Elginkan Foundation Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards


The “Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards” are annually conferred by Elginkan Foundation to contribute to ongoing work, research, and services in the field of science, culture and art in Turkey, and to support the development of these fields.  The awards are presented in two categories: Turkish Culture Research Award and Technology Award.


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IEEE Awards

Within the scope of the mission of encouraging and appreciating scientists, IEEE gives four separate awards:

Turkey Lifetime Achievement Award IEEE: IEEE operating conditions in the original, pioneering and international level in terms of Turkey largest academic world with groundbreaking research studies have been conducted.

IEEE Turkey Research Incentive Award: IEEE areas of activity superior scientific studies with featured, completed their doctorate in the last decade, are given to have a significant chapter in Turkey and substitutes scientists in Turkey for post-doctoral research

IEEE Turkey Doctoral Dissertation Award: PhD at a university in Turkey has completed one of the IEEE fields of activity in the last two years and is given to promising young scientists with highly qualified doctoral dissertation.

Turkey Distinguished Service Award of the IEEE: IEEE Turkey is given a great contribution to offer persons with volunteer activities.


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The Human Development Research Prize is awarded to projects of the same nature in other behavioral sciences, such as sociology and educational sciences, with practical or enlightening practices to support human development or human well-being in the field of psychology.


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Koç University- Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM) Research Awards


Koç University’s Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM), opens a call for applications for its research awards every year in order to contribute to scientific studies in any discipline or field, without any restriction, that investigate Ankara and its environs with a focus on, including but not limited to: institutional and economic history, cultural, social, geographical and environmental characteristics, historical, cultural, literal, artistic and urban development, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, diplomatic, cultural and economic relations with other cities and countries in history, urban issues related to historical processes and practices in the field of law, medicine and education,    urban government and rural areas, development, growth, sustainability, tourism, natural resources, demographic and climate change issues.    


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L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowships


L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowships are presented jointly by L’Oréal Turkey and Turkish National Commission for UNESCO with the goal of promoting, developing, and encouraging the contributions of women researchers pursuing their scientific careers in Turkey.  The fellowships are conferred in both life and physical sciences.


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Owl Awards


The main purpose of the Owl Awards is to reward successful research projects. This award is designed to highlight the impact, added value and importance of research on business processes and decisions. Awards are given in many different categories. Academic Owl, for instance, covers the researches conducted by academicians working within the university.


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METU Prof. Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation Awards

Each year, the METU Professor Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation confers the following awards to recognize the endeavors and certify the competencies of distinguished researchers and scientists in all branches of sciences in order to encourage their work and motivate younger generations to become involved in science:

  • Honor Award
  • Science Award
  • Service Award
  • Research Incentive Award
  • Technology Incentive Award
  • Other awards deemed suitable by the foundation’s board of trustees


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Sabri Ülker Science Award


Sabri Ülker Foundation annually calls for applications for its Sabri Ülker International Award with the mission of supporting new research, education programs, and other initiatives pertaining to public health and nutrition. The Foundation launched Sabri Ülker International Science Award with the goal of promoting new and high-impact scientific research in the fields of nutrition, metabolism and public health.  The award aims to recognize early stage independent scientists who are engaged in the highest quality nutrition and metabolism research in all areas that can contribute to future advancements in public health.


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Sedat Simavi Literature Award


On behalf of Sedat Simavi, Sedat Simavi Awards are given to candidates who have done the greatest scientific work, and have achieved the greatest improvements. The main aim of the awards is to contribute art, culture, science and sports life by encouraging creative work in these branches. The prize is given also areas in sport, TV, radio, reporting, healthy, science, social sciences and visual arts. Applications for awards are accepted until September 30th.


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Science Heroes Association- Young Scientist Awards


Real persons under the age of 38, who have made international contributions to the fields of fundamental sciences and engineering, and have pioneered in the development of these fields and increasing their visibility in Turkey are eligible to apply to the Young Scientist Awards.The Young Scientist Award nominees are evaluated by a selection committee assigned by the rectors of 3 universities in the categories of “contribution to science”, “contribution to the dissemination of science”, and “contribution to the use of science in the service of society”.

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TTGV Şirin Tekeli Research Award


Şirin Tekeli Research Award was created to support and promote research focusing on gender in Turkey, and is open to all Ph.D. students and researchers who have obtained their Ph.D. degrees within the last 15 years.


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Turkish Authors' Association Award


Since 1981, Turkish Authors' Association(TYB) awards given under such category the "Author of the Year, Idea Man and Artists". The aim of the program is to promote the authors and their works and to support their efforts in the similar direction. Awards; is given to a poet, author, and artists producing visual arts whose work was published in the same year. The award is given to the nominees once.


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TÜBA Awards


1.International TÜBA Academy Awards

Within the scope of TÜBA's mission to encourage and appreciate scientists, the "TÜBA Academy Awards", which were created at the international level in 2015, are open to all scientists who have original, pioneering and groundbreaking studies in the relevant field.

International TÜBA Academy Awards every year was nominated in three categories,

  • Science and Engineering Sciences
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

The prize is given to candidates from or related to Turkey in each category.

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2.The Outstanding Young Scientists Award Program (GEBİP)

GEBİP is organized every year in order to support young scientists, who stand out with their high-quality scientific studies in their research, and in the development of their own research groups, and to encourage young scientists in our country to do outstanding research. Reward employees who is currently working or will work in Turkey in all areas of science, the application of the filling was 39 years young scientists are welcome. As of 2018, one year will be added to the 39 age limit for each birth of female candidates.

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3.Scientific Copyright Work Awards (TESEP)

With the "Scientific Copyright Award Program (TÜBA-TESEP)", it is aimed to encourage the production of qualified Turkish copyright works for universities. The Award Program can be applied for copyrighted works that are taught at all levels in universities or that can be studied / used.

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The Science Academy Young Scientists Program Award (BAGEP)


A top priority for the Science Academy is encouraging the youth to engage in good science, and rewarding the best examples. To this end, the Science Academy introduced the Young Scientists Program (BAGEP) in 2013 in order to recognize, honor, and support the best young scientists in Turkey. The program confers a research grant for a term of 2 years. Applicants are evaluated based on their existing research portfolio and their backgrounds as researchers as well as their potential as researchers and future research plans.


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Turkish Neurological Society (TND) Awards


Turkish Neurological Society (TND) awards are given for the development of neurology field and to catch up contemporary scientific; and, to have a voice in national and international platforms of the Turkish Neurological Society members and to support scientific efforts for the resolution of national health problems related to neurology. Awards are given in the context of:

  • Science and Service Award
  • Turkish Neurology Association Young Researcher Incentive Award
  • Turkish Neurology Association National Neurology Congress Abstract Awards
  • Cooperation and Support Award in Neurological Sciences

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TÜBİTAK - Science, Special, Service, Incentive, and Polar Studies Awards


The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) confers awards in five categories: Science, Special, Service, Incentive, and Polar Studies.

Science Award:  Awarded to living scientists in recognition of their significant international contributions to science through the studies they conduct in Turkey.

Special Award: Awarded to living scientists who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey in recognition of their significant international contributions to science through the studies they conduct abroad. The Special Award is the equivalent of the Science Award.

Service Award: Awarded to scientists in recognition of their outstanding services towards the advancement of science and technology in Turkey. Deceased scientists can also be nominated for the Service Award.

Incentive Award:  Awarded to living scientists based in Turkey who are under the age of 40 on the first day of the year of award and who have proven that they have the necessary competencies to make significant international contributions to science in the future through their studies.

Polar Studies Award: Awarded to living young researchers and scientists with outstanding studies in recognition of their outstanding contributions to science. The Polar Studies Award is the equivalent of the Incentive Award. The Polar Studies Award is conferred on living scientists based in Turkey who are under the age of 40 on the first day of the year of award.


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TÜBİTAK - The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Incentive Award


The TWAS Incentive Award is conferred annually by rotation in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). In 2020, the award will be presented in the field of Chemistry. The TÜBİTAK-TWAS Incentive Award is conferred on scientists based in Turkey who are under the age of 40 on the first day of the year of the award and who have proven that they have the necessary competencies to make significant international contributions to science through their studies.


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TÜBİTAK Project Performance Award


The TÜBİTAK Project Performance Award (PPA) is an incentive award conferred to recognize primary investigators (PI) and researchers of outstanding projects funded by the Academic Research Funding Programs Directorate (ARDEB), excluding projects funded under the 1007 Support Program for Research Projects of Public Institutions and 1301 The Support Program for the Initiative to Build Scientific and Technological Cooperation Networks and Platforms (İŞBAP), in order to both quantitatively and qualitatively increase the outputs, results, and effects thereof. The award is conferred on the project team (primary investigator and researchers) based on the criteria and assessment method determined by TÜBİTAK.


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Young Social Scientists Award


The Young Social Scientists Competition awards are given in doctorate and master theses categories by the Turkish Social Sciences Association. The main purpose of the award is to encourage studies in social sciences and to encourage the connection between social science disciplines.   


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YÖK Outstanding Achievement Awards


YÖK Outstanding Achievement Awards cover individual and institutional awards conferred by the Council of Higher Education to promote all types of original, innovative and outstanding scientific research and studies in compliance with the mission of higher education, as well as all works and practices pertaining to scientific events and sponsored and/or ongoing scientific research & development projects.


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