ÖzÜ TTO’s Intellectual Property Management Unit (IPMU), is responsible for the management of intellectual and industrial property assets and converting these assets into commercial value for the benefit of the industry and the public.

In this context the main tasks of IPMU are:

  • Accepting the Invention Disclosure Form from faculty members;
  • Preliminary research of the disclosed inventions in terms of their patentability and commercialization;
  • Organizing Intellectual Property Rights Committee (IPRC) meetings four times a year;
  • Managing the decision-making processes of IPRC in accordance with the IP policy of OzU;  
  • Ensuring the communication between IPRC and the inventors;
  • Follow up the OzU’s national and international patent applications and the registrations process;  
  • Managing the negotiation process of intellectual and industrial property rights provisions in agreements related to OzU;
  • Preparing all kinds of agreements and intellectual and legal documents related to intellectual and industrial properties.
  • Organizing seminars for awareness on intellectual and industrial property;
  • Advising faculty members on intellectual property rights.


IPR and Commercialization Manager


T: 0(216) 564 99 48

M: elif.akbas@ozyegin.edu.tr


IPR and Commercialization Specialist


T: 0(216) 564 90 35