2232- A International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers

The aim of the 2232-A Program is to promote qualified researchers who have come to the fore with top level scientific and/or technological achievements in their fields and who have experience to work in an international environment, to conduct their research in Turkey.

Application Rules:

  • Researchers applying to the programme are obliged to be working abroad as of the first day of the application
  • Researchers, who will apply to the programme, shall not be located in Turkey more than 6 months within the last 3 years as of the first day of the application (except for force majeure and military obligations)
  • Researchers who have completed their doctoral degrees and at least 4 years have worked for in a university or public research centre abroad as an at least assistant professor, team leader or carried out independent academic research. Graduate researchers who have 6-year full-time research experience abroad, provided that they work in private sector for a minimum of 3 years (Maximum 1 year of master degree (with thesis) completed abroad and maximum 3 years of doctoral degree completed abroad is evaluated within this scope)

Researchers with the above-mentioned study experience must also meet one of the following conditions:

  • Being on the "Most Cited Researchers List" published by Thomson Reuters in any year  within the last three years as of the first day of the application
  • Working uninterruptedly for 12 months at least in an institution among those ranked below in any year within the last 5 years as of the first day of the application:

       -Top 100 universities in QS (QuacquarelliSymonds) or THE (Times Higher Education)  World University rankings made on the basis of area, 

         -The Top 2500 Companies Making R&D Spending in the World  published by the   European Commission Joint Research Centre

       -Top 250 institutions in the sub-fields of health, higher education, public and private sectors according to  Scimago ranking

          -Successful Start-Up and Unicorn Companies with the Most Investment

The Scope of the Support and Amounts: 

  • Scholarship for the PI (24.000 TL /month)
  • Family living expenses scholarship (if any), (2250 TL /month) 
  • Research starting package (1.000.000 TL)
  • Research project support (720.000 TL)
  • Scholarship for maximum five students (MSc student: 3500 TL /month, PhD student: 4500 TL /month, Post-Doc researcher: 6000 TL /month)
  • PIP for researchers (750 TL /month)
  • Travel and health insurance support for the PI and her/his family (100 TL person, month)
  • Mentorship
  • Overhead (3750 TL / month)

Duration: Minimum 24, maximum 36 months.

Application Deadline: June 2021 (Exact date has not been published yet.)

Click here for detailed information and proposal templates.


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