H2020 Call Screening Report

Dear Researchers,

As OzU TTO, enclosed we are pleased to share HORIZON 2020 Call Screening Report prepared in cooperation with

PERA EEMEA (http://www.peraeemea.com).
This report is prepared based on research interest areas as published on our web site and includes the H2020 calls

with deadlines of April 2014 and beyond.

As per the report shared, please let us know if you are interested in the calls related to your research area so that we can arrange a 30-minute interview on April 18, 2014 with two PERA experts. Please note that the seats are limited with 30. During the interviews, the attached guidance will be followed.

If you are interested in attending the interviews, you are kindly requested to reserve your available time period by using the following Doodle calendars until April 14, 2014, Monday. Two Doodle links have been created, as the interviews will be held in parallel sessions. Please choose one of the experts and use only one link for reservation.

For Expert 1 interviews: http://doodle.com/zmt5nuw7dfe56k5w
For Expert 2 interviews: http://doodle.com/t72262ifbscsd7cz