New TÜBİTAK Projects from Faculty of Law

‘Parliamentary Games’ project prepared by Asst. Prof. Ozan Turhan and Asst. Prof. Margerite Helena Zoeteweij-Turhan from Faculty of Law,deserved to be one of the 50 projects receiving TÜBİTAK support in the scope of 4004 Nature Education and Science Schools Program. Parliamentary Games targets 150 students participation from 15 different high schools, is also the only law project in the list of eligible projects for support.The objective of this project is to increase the interests and the awareness of the disciplines of law and political science of students in the last years of high school, as they are the executives and voters of the near future, by simulating a parliamentary session on a real topical issue.

In addition to Parliamentary Games, another project entitled “Seminar &workshop on the rights of Third Country Nationals under EU bilateral treaties, with emphasis on rights of Turkish nationals under the Ankara Agreement” is also supported by TÜBİTAK in the scope of Turkish-German Year of Science and the same team showed success of receiving two TÜBİTAK supports in the last six months.

We congratulate Ozan Turhan and Margerite Helena Zoeteweij-Turhan and wish them continued success.