Main services of University-Industry Collaboration Unit are:

  • Facilitates information exchange and providing a fertile ground for potential projects, business ideas and partnerships with the awareness and/or under the guidance of the faculty member’s expertise,
  • Finds R&D funding programs, assists in project writing, application and management processes,
  • Drafts cooperative agreements, oversees  the signature process and coordinates teams
  • Provides a unique forum for university and industry representatives to meet and discuss operational and strategic issues such as contracting, intellectual property, and compliance matters,
  • Manages agreement negotiation process on behalf of University and the principle investigator,
  • Organizes collaboration days, brokerage events, competitions.



University Industry Collaboration Specialist


T: 0(216) 564 95 46



Business Development & Commercialization

Elif Akbaş ŞENER

T: 0(216) 564 99 48