2 New Projects Supported by TÜBİTAK 1002- Short Term R&D Funding Program

2 projects proposed by Assoc. Prof. Deniz Sert and Prof. Olcay Taner Yıldız to the 1002- Short Term R&D Funding Program were entitled to be supported. We congratulate our researchers whose projects will be supported and wish them an efficient project implementation process.

Projects Accepted from OzU

Project Title: Perceptions of Foreign Countries about Turkey's Covid-19 Aid

Summary: Project; With the onset of the Covid-19 period, it focuses on the perception of Turkey's aid abroad in the countries where aid is given. Looking at the Eurobarometer data, it is seen that Turkey is not wanted with a rate of 59% (EU average, 2010 data) in the survey, which evaluates the possibility of Turkey becoming a member of the European Union in the future. Four countries (Germany, France, England and Italy) were selected for the project research, taking this and similar Eurobarometer data as reference, with a negative view of Turkey and lower public opinion than the EU average. It will be examined how Turkey's aid during the Covid-19 period affects the perception of Turkey in these countries. According to this; In Germany, France, England and Italy, the main research question is whether the Covid-19 aid sent by Turkey is reflected in the media, how it is reflected and the direction of change in the public opinion. In addition, it is aimed to reveal a new project/study by comparing the data obtained after this study with the possible future survey results, thus contributing to the possible studies of the project. The project proposal was prepared with the contributions of ÖzÜ student Kürşat Yalçın, and we will continue to work together during the research process.

Students Involved in the Project: Kürşat Yalçın

Project Manager

Assoc. Prof. Deniz Sert

Faculty of Social Sciences

International Relations


Project Title: CheckMate: Automatic Writing Assessment Program for Students Learning English as a Foreign Language

Summary: Online education, which has become an important need especially during the pandemic process, has brought some innovations and challenges to students and teachers. Designed as an automatic text checking tool (AWE), CheckMate is a program designed for all students studying English, aiming to respond to the increasing need in today's conditions. CheckMate provides accurate and effective feedback on students' writings and assignments in a short time, making detailed checks, corrections and suggestions on the writings. In this way, it aims to develop students' English writing skills in the most efficient way in their individual studies. In addition to its fast and detailed feedback, CheckMate also evaluates students' writings and assignments in terms of semantic and content, and aims to provide full and versatile instant feedback to students, thereby reducing the workload of teachers. Compared to its peers, it is completely free, accessible and purposeful, which makes CheckMate unique.

Project Manager

Prof. Olcay Taner Yıldız

Faculty of Engineering

Computer Science

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