TÜBİTAK Event Supports

BİDEB 2237 Programs’ application system for the 3rd semester of 2021 has been opened for application. The objective of the programs to support the events (including online) organized by researchers within the country.

  • 2237-A Grant Program for Scientific Training

The purpose of the program is to support organization of theoretical and/or applied scientific events such as online courses and seminars to be organized in Turkey.

Click here for detailed information about program.

  • 2237-B Grant Program for Project Training

The program supports  theoretical and/or applied trainings including scientific approaches involved in Project writing process,  issues to be taken into consideration during  project management, budget preparation and evaluation phases, and project preparation techniques.

Click here for detailed information about program.

Application Deadline for Programs: October 8, 2021

Click here for application to programs.


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