Would You Like to be a Mentor? Focused İnoSuit-Innovation Focused Mentorship Program

TİM- Turkey Exporters Assembly, accepts mentor applications within the scope of "İnosuit- Innovation Focused Mentoring Program" in order to carry out research, training or application activities in the field of innovation management. 

Program Aims

İnosuit Program as a University – Industry Cooperation aims

  • Sustainably increasing innovation management competence,
  • Constituting and strengthening innovation management infrastructure,
  • Designing and adopting institutional innovation system at firm level

Responsibilities of Mentors to Provide Mentoring Support in the Program

  • Mentor candidates who carry out research, training or application activities on “innovation management” and have a certain experience, competence and motivation in “university-industry collaborations” should fill in the mentor application form.
  • The primary selection criterion in the selection of the mentors to take part in the program is the level of “expertise and implementation experience in innovation management”.
  • They are expected to report their developments, observations and suggestions regarding monthly activities and outputs to TIM - İnoSuit portal.  

Mentorship Payment

Monthly mentorship payment is 4.500 TL for 11 months for mentors.

Please click here for registration.

For further information please click here.


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